Step up and get started.

Looking for the ultimate in driving? Discover the water. No restrictions, no limits. With the SEABOB-Jet you can enjoy absolute freedom and immensity. At every power level.

Its speed is controlled by the Controlgrip. The enormous thrust between the gears gives the SEABOB an incomparable and fascinating dynamic.


Infinite riding pleasure: Relaxed or intense

A serene gliding feeling. Sporty driving in the water. Diving in complete safety. With the SEABOB-Jet, one of your dreams becomes reality. For the first time, people can move through the water with the agility of a dolphin. In complete freedom, on the surface and at depth.

The SEABOB is nevertheless perfectly respectful of its environment. Powerful and silent, it ploughs through the water. Man and machine become one.


Rediscovering the element: Intense and spirited

With the SEABOB-Jet you can achieve high performance in all disciplines. Its hydrodynamic shape gives it an unsuspected agility in the water. The piloting and the diving are carried out by simple displacement of the body weight.

Whether you are cruising, driving or diving, the SEABOB will take you through the water with unprecedented power. Experience impressive mobility. You'll never want to leave the water again.


Discover a unique agility underwater.

The dynamics of the SEABOB Jet reveal their special charm underwater. This water vehicle can be steered in the depths with ease. Man and machine manoeuvre skilfully under water.

The on-board electronics allow individual programming of a diving depth of up to 40 metres. A highly reliable safety stop prevents the selected diving depth from being exceeded. Dive into the fascinating underwater world.

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